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Marriage Encounter

A Marriage Encounter is an all-inclusive weekend experience designed for a married man and woman to rekindle their romance, restore communication and renew their commitment to each other. 

Engaged Encounter

A wedding is a day ... a marriage is a lifetime. This all-inclusive weekend is designed to help engaged, soon-to-be-engaged, or newly married couples prepare individually and as a couple for marriage. 

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Can you spare one weekend for a lifetime of happiness?

When you attend a Marriage or Engaged Encounter weekend, you will find yourself focusing on the most important relationship possible between a man and a woman: your marriage.

The couple-centered experience is designed to help deepen your relationship and will provide you with practical tools that have proven to strengthen thousands of marriages for decades. In fact, a recent survey of over 2,000 respondents showed that 97% indicated the experience was good to excellent.

This all-inclusive weekend is designed to provide you with the private time you need to grow as a couple. It is not structured around group activities, nor is it a Bible study, a lecture series or a social weekend. If you are ready to connect, communicate and commit, a Marriage Encounter or Engaged Encounter weekend is the perfect choice.  

Marriage Workshop/Marriage Retreat

The focus of Worldwide Marriage Encounter is on communication between a husband and wife. These marriage workshops are actually marriage retreats — an opportunity to spend a weekend together away from the distractions and tensions of everyday life, concentrating on each other as a couple. This unique approach is aimed at revitalizing Christian Marriage. Rediscover the spark that was there on your wedding day! Rediscover the best friend you had when you were first married! Join the millions of couples worldwide who have learned how to keep their marriage vibrant and alive at one of our marriage seminars.

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Engagement Seminar

Engaged Encounter is an experience designed to prepare you, both individually and as a couple, for marriage. The focus of the weekend is upon the marriage and not the wedding. A major goal of the engagement seminar is to establish and practice good communication and decision making techniques. The skills taught at this engagement workshop will provide a firm foundation that will be useful throughout your lifetime together. In addition, couples are provided the opportunity to deepen their relationship and prepare themselves for one of the most important decisions they will ever make — the Covenant of Marriage.

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