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Volunteer to Help with Marriage Encounter


Please use the form below to volunteer to help with Marriage Encounter Weekends, to help promote Marriage Encounter and to help fulfill Marriage Encounter's mission to build better marriage relationships, make our world a better place and renew the church.

Our Couple power can change the world! It takes a lot of people to help carry out God's plan for marriage. We need your help for Marriage Encounter to grow.  

Please check all the boxes below where you'd be willing to help.

Prayer Couple
Make announcements at churches and other organizations.
Host an Information Night
Babysit for couples' children so the parents can attend an information night or Weekend.
Pet sit so couples can attend a Weekend.
Welcome Couples to their Weekend
Help make Hotel or Catering arrangements for a Weekend
Help with Weekend closing
Start or join a Flame (Encountered-Couples Small Group)
Become active in Marriage Encounter leadership
Help with PR (Public Relations) and Advertising
We are willing to help with any need.

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